There are many search tools beyond Google, but sadly many don't ever use them!
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Searching the Invisible Web

Search Engines for Kids

Choosing the right Search Tool -
there's more to life than Google!
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Defining the Invisible Web

Tools to Search the Invisible Web

Instagrok - age-appropriate educational content on any topic

DogPile – searches multiple search engines

KidCyber – a directory based search for kids

Duck Duck Go – a simple metasearch engine

Wolfram Alpha – solves complex problems

Which Search Engine is Best?
Find the best search engine for your needs

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Searchy Pants is a simple and safe internet search engine for
families, children and pupils. Searchy Pants allows children, parents & schools to create a custom search home page for their child to use and allows families to easily
communicate by leaving custom messages.Schools can also use
Searchy pants to showcase pupils work while providing a safe search experience.